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Virginia's Secret
A Private Club for Adults

About Us

Virginia's Secret provides a fun and exciting environment for consenting adults to enjoy their uninhibited lifestyle. Explore your fantasies in a unique and exciting social Dance club atmosphere. Virginia's Secret is a Private by Invitation Only, Social Club catering to mature, open-minded adults.

Membership is available to select couples & single females ONLY.


Virginia's Secret is a friendly club for open minded adults. If this is your first time at our club then you picked the right place to be. Whether you're an experienced club go-er or just a bit curious, we offer a comfortable, no pressure lifestyle club environment for you to meet, eat, drink and be entertained.

We are all here to have the best times and share the uninhibited enjoyment associated with those who discover a new dimension to their lifestyle. When you visit our club and become familiar with the environment and meet some members, we are confident you will feel at ease.

Are you a bit shy? Don't worry. Many of our regular members will probably help "Break The Ice" by introducing themselves to you. It's their way of making you feel at home. There's never any pressure to anything your not ready for, and if you simply want to sit and relax, then that's perfectly fine too. Feel free to ask questions and talk openly. You'll discover how helpful our regular members can be. Our members are polite, sophisticated and composed of a delightful variety of age (over21), culture, looks and styles.



How do we become Virginia's Secret members?

To become a member of Virginia's Secret, you must be a couple (male and female) or single female and have an open-minded view of human sexuality.


  1. You must be sponsored by a current member of Virginia's Secret or be invited to join by the club.
  2. Fill out a Membership Application
  3. Submit a G or R rated full length photograph of yourself(s) with a small statement of what you are about. The picture must be current. (Submissions should be sent to
  4. You must attend 1 out of every 3 events to maintain your membership status. Membership fees are based on this as if you have fulfilled this requirement over the first year and subsequent years, you will never have to pay another membership fee. For Example:
    • 1st year Membership Fee upon joining.
    • 2nd year No Membership Fee for attending 1 out of every 3 events!
    • 3rd year No Membership Fee for attending 1 out of every 3 events!
    • 4th year etc……etc….
  5. Membership fees are due upon acceptance of membership.
  6. Not everyone who inquires will be accepted.
  7. Virginia's Secret maintains the right to deny or cancel membership and privileges!

Apply Online


Rules & Regulations

All members attending VAS functions are expected to be courteous, law abiding and friendly at all times.

1.    No Means NO! No exceptions! Zero Tolerance!


2.    Anyone applying for membership and admission to VAS must agree to be bound by all rules, regulations & By-Laws; they must certify that they are at least 21 years of age; and that they will not use their membership to engage in prostitution or pandering. This includes the possession or use of any illegal or controlled substances in or on the property of any club function.

3.    We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave, revoke membership of any person who becomes obnoxious, unruly, engages in any illegal acts, or casts aspersions against VAS. VAS reserve's the right to refuse admission and membership to anyone without cause or explanation, as is the right of a private club.

4.    Management also prohibits the use of cameras or recording devices of any kind, and shall pursue such legal remedies available in order to preserve the rights of the club and its members.

5.    The applicant will also acknowledge that they are aware that VAS is a private club established for the use of the membership, certifying also that free expression among consenting adults is not offensive and must recognize the constitutional rights of the members.

6.    Dress to impress! Dress Code is upper casual.  Baseball caps, t-shirts and work boots is NOT acceptable unless part of a theme party! If your clothing attire is not acceptable in normal public events, please wear a cover up in the common public areas of the hotel or any club venue.

7.    Cell phone usage during a VAS party is not allowed. Should you have a call, please leave the party until your conversation is complete. Webcasting, podcasting is strictly prohibited unless sanctioned by VAS.

8.    Arguing, bickering, fighting or disrespectful behavior between you and your mate or with any other members of VS is not acceptable.

9.    Respect those who wish to be left alone. Do not be pushy or insistent upon participation in any individual or club activities. No harassment!

10. No one under the age of 21 is allowed on a secured floor of a hotel or at any club function where alcohol is. This includes inside your hotel room, around the pool, or in the house.

11. Members can only recommend other couples (male female) or a single female for membership, but VAS solely reserves the right to approve or disaprove any person from membership. No single males!

12. We reserve the right to charge a fee of our choosing to any prospective new member for membership. Fee is quoted by the owners of VAS and solely at the discretion of the owners and not necessarily the same for everyone.


New Couples

New Couple

We are "newbie" friendly and a great place to get your feet wet. Most couples who are talking about looking into swinging are very concerned about the basics. They don't want to be pushed or pressured. They don't want to go anywhere where they're told to remove their clothes at a certain time. They just want to go somewhere comfortable and friendly. Virginia's Secret certainly fits the bill.

We like to have conversations with prospective couples so that we can be sure they tell us their questions and we can answer them.  It's never a good thing for a couple who hasn't examined their motivation for becoming swingers to attend a party without any background. We have discovered along our journey into the lifestyle that it's really not all about sex. In fact, for us, it's mostly about finding really nice people to be friends with. The matter-of-fact approach that we take at the club makes new couples feel much less pressured right from the start.

We believe strongly that "Swinging is an attitude, not just an activity." 

Frequently Asked Questions

A: To become a member of Virginia's Secret you must be a couple or single female and have an open-minded view of human sexuality. You must be referred by one of our "SecretCard Holders", or be a member of our "Groups" on "SwingLifeStyles".

A: We require membership to keep our legal status as a private club, which allows us to provide a place where both women and men can "dress down" to a g-string (or nothing) and also assures privacy for all the members.

A: No problem! At Virginia's Secret, your body is always under YOUR control and the other patrons understand and respect that. Virginia's Secret is an off-premise club, meaning that it is a place to meet other folks in a "no-pressure" environment. If you are invited to a party (i.e, after-hours) and you don't wish to attend/participate, a simple "no thank you" will always suffice.

A: That's easy! Put very simply (and perhaps, bluntly), "off-premise" means that sexual acts are not permitted on the club premises. "On-premise" means (obviously) just the opposite.

A: This is a tough question to answer because this type of lifestyle is common to a large demographic cross-section of people. On the average, there are a large number of professional types of people that constitute our membership. But for the most part, it's people like yourself, who live and work around others, whom you would never suspect that are "in the lifestyle." It may surprise you if you know how many of your friends and neighbors are involved in swinging. Some of the most common similarities between our members are a love of people, making new friends, a VERY strong and secure loving relationship, combined with a love of life and a desire to live it to it's fullest!

A: The strongest age demographics of the membership are couples from their late twenties to their mid forties, but there are many couples of every age from 21 through the "senior years." With our membership being as large as it is, on any given night there's a good chance you'll find some couples you can relate to at the club.

A: FUN!!…well that's the short answer. Dancing, socializing, pool parties, road trips, house parties, M & G's, we sometimes have live bands at our events, special events, and having a good time making new friends. Yes, there is play time for those that want it. Most of our events we do provide (when possible) open and closed play rooms, sex swings, dance pole, and hot tub.

A: Not at all. You are merely "permitted" to, because this is a private club. There are many ladies that do dress provocatively, and many that don't, so either way, dress to suit your comfort level. All we ask is that you not be surprised (or offended) by this playful behavior and liberal dress code.

A: This is another tough one….the short answer? Everything. Being a DJ in this club is a very difficult job (please appreciate their efforts) because, as opposed to most nightclubs (i.e, rock bars, dance clubs, country-n-western clubs, etc) ONE type of music is not the common interest of ALL the patrons. We play "hits" of all types of music, but it's predominately Top-40 Dance with some rock (60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's), R&B, and country thrown in during the night, and the DJ will also take specific song requests from the crowd. If you have a certain song that you would like to hear feel free to ask them to play it. Do keep in mind, however, that not all the patrons have the same musical taste as you, and the DJ's will be doing their best to please everyone, so if you don't like a song being played, as the saying goes about Virginia weather, "wait a minute and it will change". No matter what we're playing, there will always be a lot of sexy bump-n-grind beats for you to dance to. This is a club where people are socializing that you might never have envisioned anywhere else. Our clientele consists of every walk of life from cowboys to attorneys, from construction workers to bankers (and a few we've promised we wouldn't mention!)…and we have never had a "major disturbance" of any kind!

A: NASCA stands for "North American Swing Club Association." It is an association that is based out of Buena Park, CA., whose main function is to promote this type of lifestyle and the clubs that cater to it. Their homepage is located at .

A: Because, this type of lifestyle is typically practiced by consenting couples. If we permitted single men to attend regularly, we would not be any different from any other "generic" nightclub. Some couples do, occasionally, enjoy the company of single males and it is for this reason that we restrict admittance to our club ONLY to single males that are invited guests of member couples in good standing. In addition, we have very specific guidelines that the single men must adhere to while accompanied by a couple. We will gladly elaborate on this at your request.

A: While an open attitude about sexual behavior is a major reason for the club's existance, most couples ("SecretCard Holders") in the club are primarily interested in making new friends, not just sexual partners. Always remember that the word "hello" means just that – not "let's party." Try to make new friends, and most likely everything else you are looking for will happen. By the same token, actively mingling with other couples is encouraged; we understand that some people are more naturally outgoing than others, but if you are interested in meeting people, the best way to do it is to take the initiative to go up and say "hi!" The same open communication that allowed you as a couple to be able to participate in this lifestyle should be used when talking with other couples. Communication between all parties is the single most important factor for enjoyment of this lifestyle. Just because you are blown away with the great looking person you just met does not mean your significant other will be equally impressed with his/her partner. In other words, don't assume, just ask.

A: Generally speaking, if you are a couple who is secure (very important) in your relationship and are looking for a little extra spice in your bedroom, then you will probably enjoy the club. On the other hand, if your relationship is on the rocks and you are looking for a way to salvage it, try counseling rather than a swing club. Although we certainly like all the business we can get, we would rather see your relationship last. Swinging is recreational more than therapeutic.

A: E-mail us when you are in or coming to Virginia or contact NASCA for the location of the swing club nearest you. We look forward to meeting you or answering any and all of your questions about the greatest lifestyle ever!


New Year's Eve Party
Dec 31st

Click for Details

Toast at Midnight!

8:00 PM - 1:00 AM

If what you love on New Year’s Eve, is a cozy fire, a bubbling hot tub, delicious foods, play rooms, party favor’s, and a toast at midnight with a lot of sexy friends, than this is the place for you. As always this event is BYOB with donations taken at the door. Party starts around 8pm. What better way to ring in the New Year than with sex and good friends.

 Donations accepted at the door!

This should be a lot of fun and looking forward to seeing everyone!

Enter your User # or Username

(User # for VA Secret Card is your last 4 digits)

You need to fill out an application to obtain a user #, then you will be able to Sign Up

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4th Annual Desire Trip
Jun 25-Jul 2, 2017

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Our 4th Annual Virginia's Secret Desire Trip!

June 25th thru July 2nd, 2017.

Email to Signup

This will be our 4th Annual Virginia's Secret Desire Trip. You do not have to be a member to attend but you do have to be a couple. Last year, most of our participants will tell you ( The Best Vacation Ever!)

Desire Resort & Spa is conveniently located on Mexico's Riviera Maya, just 20 minutes from Cancun International Airport. Nearby, you can revel in the glitz and glamour of Cancun, walk the quaint town of Playa del Carmen, take in the archeological ruins at Tulum or hop on a quick ferry ride to the Island of Cozumel. Guests at Desire enjoy their own erotic universe as they revel yards from the sparkling, turquoise Caribbean waters. Within this intimate, village-style setting, luxurious accommodations are set among lush landscaping: guests may choose rooms opening to the breathtaking foliage or the white sands of the nude beach. Our discerning clientele learn that the exciting new world they have joined is a place to experience clothing-optional and alternative lifestyle adventures set in an exclusive- ALL INCLUSIVE – tropical paradise.

At Desire the only things not included are inhibitions. As a guest you`ll enjoy. Personalized check-in, including welcome a glass of sparkling wine . All meals (buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner) . Dining at 3 specialty restaurants (reservation not required) . Daytime & late night snacks . Premium alcoholic beverages, fine house wines, beer and refreshments. . Food and beverage program available 24 hours . 24-hour food and beverage program and room service . Day & evening entertainment programs . Non-motorized water sports program (kayaks, windsurfing, snorkeling, Hobie-Cat and sailing on Sunfish sailboats) . Ping-pong and board games . Sauna and steam room . Fully equipped gym . Nude Beach area . Au-Natural Outdoor Skytop Jacuzzi and Lounge Area.

VIRGINIA's SECRET CARDHOLDERS will benefit with the following:1) A VIP cocktail party 2) Free Shuttle Service to and from the airport.3) Private Group Dinner.4. Discounted Excursions like The Naked Booze Cruise.

ALL TRAVELERS: We have decided to allow Monthly Payments to make it easier for guests to attend. Contact us to make arrangements. Airfare is additional. Please be committed as we will allow NO REFUNDS on payments made on this event. Must reserve your room by Feb. 1, 2017 as the discount off the regular room rate will end on this date. Must have a valid passport! Please send us the Bird and we will send you our contact information so that you can get our link to reserve your room.

Note: If you sign up for this event and don't respond to our email, you will be deleted from the list.

Desire Cruise: Venice, Italy
Sep 26-Oct 3, 2017

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Desire Cruise - Venice, Italy

Sep 26-Oct 3, 2017

Email to Signup

Desire Cruises welcomes passengers aboard for an experience that is about to change your lives forever. Join us as we take you on an unforgettable journey of the senses, inviting you to enjoy our world renowned, Couples-only collection at sea. We have carefully selected amongst the most luxurious ships, magnificent destinations and attractive itineraries, for a full sensory over-load, to create the perfect atmosphere for you and your partner to lose yourself at sea.

Couples Only, Casino, Hot and Exciting Pool Parties!, Erotic Hot Spots , Clothing Optional Experience, 6 Distinctive Dining Options, Beautiful Suites, Play Rooms, Couples Workshops , Provocative Entertainment



Costa Rica Takeover
Jan 26-Feb 2, 2018

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Trip to Doce Lunas resort in Costa Rica

Virginia's Secret Takeover

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Jaco hotel DoceLunas, top rated among Jaco Costa Rica hotels


FRIDAY January 26, 2017 thru FRIDAY FEBRUARY 2, 2018

Virginia's Secret is sponsoring their 1st Lifestyle Takeover in Costa Rica! DoceLunas is unique among Jaco hotels – a four star hotel at a bargain price with five acres of jungle gardens. Please come join us in paradise and find out why over 90% of the guests rates DoceLunas excellent.

Daily events and entertainment along with the great party town of Jaco! (Pronounced Hauko) Passports are required. There will only be 20 rooms available. So don't delay.

Some rooms have 2 queen beds for those couples that want to double occupy. Offering a wide range of amenities, restaurants, and nightlife, the bustling beach town of Playa Jacó Costa Rica is the most popular vacation hotel destination in Costa Rica's Central Pacific Region. Our Playa Jaco hotel's location in the middle of the Central Pacific region of Costa Rica makes the hotel a good base for exploring the coast, with the spectacular beaches and wildlife of Manuel Antonio National Park an hour south and the dramatic biodiversity of Carara National Park a shorter drive to the north. At our Playa Jaco hotel, Jaco Beach is a mile away, Hermosa Beach ten minutes, and eight more scenic surf beaches are within an hour.


Manuel Antonio National Park

Off-shore Deep Sea Fishing


Near shore fishing

Whitewater Rafting

Tortuga Island BOOZE CRUISE NAKED Boat Ride and Snorkeling

Whale Watching

Half Day Tours and Activities near Jaco Hotel

Zip Line Canopy Tour!

Canopy Tram

Sea Kayak or Outrigger Canoe Trips

Surf and rivermouth fishing

Carara National Park

Horseback Riding

Surf Lessons on Jaco Beach

Crocodile Tour


Turtle Egg Laying and Hatching

Butterfly Garden Tour

Trip to artistics studio

Three Pools Waterfall Trip

Jaco Hotel Doce Lunas exclusive Waterfall Tour

Mt Biking – beginner to expert

Scuba Diving

Half Day Snorkeling

Evening Activites in Jaco

Night Clubs

Chef's Tasting Menu

Salsa Lessons

Jaco After Dark